Some satirical infographics

I have to admit that I can not draw. My artistic skills are limited in the extreme.

You might have thought that would be a road block to a satirist, however we live in an age where technology makes anything possible. So undeterred by complete lack of artistic talent I took to the internet in a bid to express myself. I use the easely website to make these infographics, I could be accused of producing propaganda in some respects, however my message to get across is satirical in nature, nothing overtly authoritarian from me.

I somehow found my way onto the online micro-news website that serves to hold to account the politicians who serve the people of Portsmouth. I want to thank my editor, Sarah for all her time and patience with me. you can get a whole overview of the website at

I do study philosophy with the Open University and it was the study of philosophy and the fact that I work in a working class naval port that led me to this first offering:


Then we had the fallout and (lets call them discussions) about the Brexit vote:


And then the somewhat tiresome repetition of message from certain quarters of the UK political establishment,


And then I thought I would join in with the rather crowded section of the market that is, taking the piss out of Mr Trump. I went with the somewhat trivial report that he is the first US president that does not have any pets in the White House, however I disagreed,


So that’s a few from me, I will be doing some more, if I can carve out a little more time from my busy schedule. I hope you like them, that will satisfy my basic need for approval, so thank you if you validate me.

Please leave a comment below if you want to rebut or agree with my sentiments.

Mike Gumbrell- thespecialistgeneralist

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