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Politics and Philosophy flash cards

I am fast approaching my module exam on the 6th of June.

I study Politics, Philosophy and Economics with the Open University. I am about to sit the DD211 exam ‘Political Institutions in the global World’

I thought as well as doing the reading revision I might put my love of producing infographics to good use.

So I created some flash cards for revision and the very effort of producing them was revision in its self….

So from block 2 of DD211 here are 3 flash cards that deal with Political ‘concepts’, I have done three of the four because I left out Sovereignty, because that will pop up later when I get to block 5-globalistion.

Anyway here is the first one, the flash card for the political concept of ‘FREEDOM’


This is the second flash card, ‘EQUALITY’ *

*terms and conditions apply-conservatives might insert the word ‘fairness’ as they have a real phobia about the word equality!


And the last flash card for political concepts- POWER


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