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Globalisation, flashcards and revision

So these are the final flash cards for my revision. block five of DD211 is all about globalisation, from a political perspective. I did not put the Sovereignty flash card in earlier, when I was talking about political concepts, I kept sovereignty separate from Freedom, Power and equality because it features very much in this block, globalisation very much needs sovereignty to exist.

Here is the first flashcard, which is a little tour around the Westphalian system.globalisation 1.jpg

The second flashcards looks at what the European states did with the new Westphalian sovereignty.

globalisation 2

The third card looks at the political theories present to understand International Relations ( I.R ) theory.

globalisation 3

And the final flashcard for DD211 block 5, the concept that there are transnational organisations and suprainternational organisations, and it looks in specific at the E.U and its march from transnational to suprainternational. No comments about Brexit needed.

globalisation 4From flashcard one, Weber and his ‘only the state has the legitimate claim for violence’ will come up again when I do Philosophy next year, I have been chatting to some of my fellow students on my Open University blog about Weber, the rationalisation of violence in very interesting and is embedded in the concept of Sovereignty. and it provokes a great deal of debate, especially when linked to the concept of ‘political animals’

I do wonder if globalisation is really the best way forward, Liberals would rile at this thought, globalisation is still linked strongly to sovereignty and states, and states are legitimate sources of violence, so I struggle to then accept the Liberal theory of ‘progress’ because with the presence of state, there will always be legitimate violence….


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