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Ideology, a messy world of concepts

My exam still looms, as with my last blog post, I have been making some infographics to help me revise for the upcoming exam. So these new ones are for the Block 3 of DD211 of the Open University Politics, Philosophy and Economics course.

So here we go… flashcards for the messy world of Ideology:


And then Ideology in relation to the three main political parties in the U.K

Firstly we have Liberalism:


Then the Ideology of Socialism:

socialism ideology

And finally then ideology of Conservatism:

Conservatism ideology

Each of the main parties also have separate and various ideologies in relation to welfare, but that is something I did not produce cards for, I wrote a 2000 word essay about the ideologies of welfare and did not feel the need to make a flash card about them.


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