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Liberal democratic systems, Lijphart and revision flash cards…

So my exam still approaches, these are the flash cards for the Open University, DD211 block 4, Liberal democratic systems unit.

This blocks deals with Lipjhart, Westphalia and the UK and US democratic systems.

These first 2 flashcards set up the Lijphart’s models…

lijphart 1

so the cards have introduced the Lijphart concepts of Unitary Majoritarian democracy and Federal Consensus democracy….

lijphart 2

This third card then moves on the US and UK features, some of the features on each belong in the opposite category.

Lijphart 3

Card 4 serves to merge Lukes-from block 2 the political concept of POWER- with Lijpharts module of liberal democracy…

Lijphart and lukes

And the final flashcard puts the Lijpharts model into context aligned with the Leadership structures of the UK and US system,

lijphart 5

The Lijphart model makes up quite a large part of the overall DD211 course, and so it is reasonable to expect it to be a large part of the exam, hence 5 flashcards dedicated to Lijphart’s models of Liberal Democracy.


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